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Atlantis 3 Dragons Den
Film Information
Directed By
Produced By
Screenplay By
Story By Atlantis Team travels to China and then to Europe to stop Dracula.
Written By
Music By
Edited By Kunica
Distributed By
Release Date unknown
Running Time unknown
Language english
Budget unknown
Gross Revenue unknown
Series Chronology
Preceded By Atlantis 2 Milos Return
Followed By Atlantis 4 maybe

Atlantis 3 Dragons den is is a Fan Disney idea and plot origin for 3 animaited future movie,it revolves around after Atlantis resurfaced to the world,the New charchters to this movie can include: Milo,Kida,Obby,Atlantis Team ,The Dragon King,Mushu know much diffrent old version of that of in Mulan 2 movies,Yeti,Loch Ness,Werwolf,Vampiers and Dracula as main hidden villan.

The Dragons True Form

The Dragon King Leanbow

There can be possibiliyti that in ONCE UPON A TIME a ABC Disney tv show series Atlantis and Milo and Kidas team will aper in future season 7 or 8 with Norse Gods and Dracula.

Once upon a time

ONCE UPON a TIME ABC Disney Tv Show in wich Atlantis can appear along with Norse Gods,Surtr,Ice Beast,Dracula,Horned King,Sleepy hollow,Halloween Town,Dragon King Leanbow and Dark Prince.

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